Offered Courses

NAST believes in quality education that supports the foundation of the bachelor level studies. We believe that a student is like sprouting bud that becomes a twig, begins to dream of becoming a tree which is tough enough to endure all the adversities of life. Viewed in this light, NAST offers secondary level education in two streams: Science and Management. The subjects offered under each streams are as follow:


Grade -XI* Grade-XII
Compulsory English Compulsory English
Physics Compulsory Nepali
Chemistry Physics
Mathematics Chemistry
Biology/Computer Science Biology/Computer Science/Mathematics


Grade -XI* Grade-XII
Compulsory English Compulsory English
Compulsory Nepali
Accountancy Accountancy
Economics Economics
Any One Any one from each Group
Computer Science Group A: Computer Science/Finance
Finance Group B:- Business Mathematics / Marketing
* Subject to change as per the Directives of NEB/Govt. of Nepal.