NAST at a Glance

NAST Secondary School

National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is a product of a noble vision of distinguished intellectuals of the Country. It is a landmark that creates the atmosphere to promote the technical and managerial skill in the region. It aims to provide greater opportunities of learning, to the unexplored talents, especially in the western region of our country.

NAST was founded in 2057 B.S. with the objective to provide Computer/Civil Engineering program. Being affiliated to Pokhara University, NAST aimed to fulfill the deficiency in modern technical knowhow in Nepal. The college started to teach Computer Engineering from the year of its establishment. Taking into consideration, the inevitable importance of technical education as well as management scenario in the world, it was best realized by NAST who pioneered in Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) in 2058 B.S., Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in 2065 B.S. and Bachelor of Civil Engineering(BE Civil) in 2067 B.S. In order to backup technical and managerial scholars, NAST initiated +2 (Science and Management) program with high priority from 2058 B.S. and 2062 B.S. respectively.

Striving for excellence in its academic pursuit, NAST also intends to carry out research and promotional activities for the growth and dissemination of scientific, technical and managerial knowledge,which then positions NAST into a leading academic institution of the country.


The vision of NAST is to establish itself as the educational hub of the country in the field of technology and management.


In order to achieve its vision, NAST has set the following objectives:

  • To explore Technical and Managerial talents in the region.
  • To provide quality education while meeting global standards at affordable cost.
  • To provide highly skilled professionals striving to contribute in the development of their related field.
  • To establish institutional linkage and collaboration with the regional, national and international institutions involved in the fields of education, research and development in different areas of Science, Technology and Management.
  • To provide the environment for overall development of the students.